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Our commitment

With Colombia

AgriFresh is a company with a strong commitment to Colombia, which is why we strive to generate income and formal employment in rural areas, as well as strengthening the agricultural sector by growing and trading non traditional commodities.

With our people

We believe our people is our best asset. Our personnel is properly trained and highly qualified to handle and package fresh herbs. Our staff is one of the reasons why we can guarantee our customers a product that exceeds their expectations.

With the environment

We are a company that feels 100% committed to the protection of our surrounding environment, hence, our production optimizes the use of natural resources. Particularly, we implement efficient gravity based irrigation systems that reduce the consumption of fresh water and minimize the use of fossil fuel based combution engines. On the other hand, we return nutrients to the soil by the production and incorporation of vegetable compost, and implement manual cultural practices in order to reduce the use of chemical pesticides.

With our company

Mission: Supply the growing international market of natural products and satisfy our customers needs by providing high quality fresh herbs all year round.

Vision: Consolidate the business in the international market of fresh cut herbs, meeting all the requirements that it demands. Satisfy our customers with top quality natural products, allowing us to create loyalty bonds between our customers and our business.

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