Farms & Facilities

Our Farms

Back in 1999, when the first plant was grown at our farm, our intention was to have one production site to supply the demand. Soon we realized that, in order to have an open portfolio of herbs all year round with the highest quality, we needed different production sites that specialized in one or two items at most. This model of production has proved to be successful and so, throughout the years, other growers have applied our model and joined our project.

Our farms are located all around the Sabana of Bogotá, where the land, soil and water conditions are optimal for growing fresh herbs all year round. The last couple of years we have expanded our farming area, and we have incorportated growers from different states. 

Our growers are autonomous in running their production site, however, since the beginning of our commercial relationship we assess each one in good agricultural practices (GAP) in order to assure the quality of the product, and meet all of the requirements defined by local and foreign authorities related to food safety. 

Our Facilities

Our packing facilities are located in Cota, a municipality in the outskirts of Bogotá, just 30 minutes away from El Dorado International Airport. All of the product harvested from our growers passes through our facility, before it is shipped. 

We follow strict quality protocols in all of our processes including inspection, selection and packing, so that the product meets the exact specifications requested by our clients. Since the product arrives to our facilities, it is stored and processed in coolers, in order to assure a continuous cold chain from field to table, and to extend the shelf life of the herbs in its final destination. 

Furthermore, rigorous hygiene and traceability practices are implemented and other critical control points are monitored, so that we can assure food safety standards and innocuousness throughout our entire process, for a high quality final product.