Farms & Facilities

Our Farms

Back in 1999, where the first plant was grown at our farm, our intention was only to have one production area to supply the demand. Soon we realized that in order to have an open portfolio of herbs all year round with the highest quality, we needed different production areas that specialized just in one item or two at the most. These model of production has proved to be successful and so, though out the years, other growers had joined our project.

These farms are located all around the Sabana of Bogotá, where the land, soil and water conditions are optimal for growing fresh herbs all year round. For the last years we have open our perimeter, and even growers from different departments (states) are working with us.

Although each grower who works with us it is autonomous in running his/her production area, since the beginning of the project we asses them in good agricultural practices (GAP) in order to assure the quality of the product.

Our Facilities

Our packing facilities are located in Bogotá, 20 minutes away from El Dorado airport. Here all of the product passes through our hands, before we ship it to you.

We take good care of your product by doing a strict quality selection so that it fulfill the specifications. Then the product it is stored in coolers, and from this point on the cold chain begins in order to assure the shelf life of the herbs.

We follow strict hygiene practices and other critical control points, so that we can assure food safety for a high quality product.

All of the product that leaves our facilities it is labeled, so that we can trace our herbs exactly from its point of origin.