We are AgriFresh

About us

Agrifresh is a family-owned Colombian grower and exporter of fresh-herbs with over 20 years of experience supplying North American and European markets. It was established as a response to the growing global demand of the market, and to address the needs of local growers to have a trading company of their own.
The unique characteristics of the land, water and weather in Colombia, guarantees the company’s supply of top-quality herbs year-round with the best taste, smell, size and color, and maintaining the highest standards for agricultural, environmental and social practices.
Agrifresh’s packing facility is equipped to provide customized packaging options to our clients, and its convenient location near Bogotá’s International Airport, eases meeting any particular delivery requirements solicited.
From the beginning, Agrifresh has considered its people as their best asset. Committed to this, we strive to improve working conditions in rural areas, generating formal employment and welfare. In fact, more than 56% of our employees are women, properly trained and qualified to handle fresh-herbs, assuring a product that exceeds our customer expectations.