We are AgriFresh

About us

AgriFresh is a Colombian company whose main objective is to supply international markets of fresh culinary herbs. It was established in March 2004 as a response to the growing demand of the market, and as an answer to the needs of local grower’s of having a trading company of their own.

We are a sister company of A.I. Casablanca S.A. which is the major tarragon producer in Colombia and has been producing quality herbs since 1999. The crops are locally grown in the plains of Bogotá and due to the unique characteristics of the land and water we can guarantee products of top-quality taste, smell, size and color all year round

Our commitment

With Colombia

AgriFresh is a company that feels a strong commitment towards Colombia, which is why its main objective is to generate income and employment to the country by means of trading non traditional products.

With our people

We believe that our people are our best asset. Our personnel is 100% Colombian and they are highly qualified in handling and packaging fresh herbs. They are one of the reasons why we can guarantee to our customers a product that exceeds their expectations.

With the environment

We are a company that feels committed to the environment; that is why in our production we take good care of our natural resources by not wasting water, giving back nutrients to the soil, use gravity for irrigation so as to use at least as possible combustion engines and implement cultural practices at the most in order to reduce the use of chemical pesticides.

With our company

Mission: Supply the growing demand of natural products and satisfy our customers needs by providing high quality fresh herbs all year round.

Vision: Consolidate the business in the international market of fresh herbs, meeting all the requirements that the market demands. Satisfy our customers with natural products strictly selected, allowing us to create loyalty bonds between our customers and our business.

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